is your one source for all of your communication needs as the United States distributor for Varis Mine Technology and Becker Mining Systems. We at BWMS have over 80 years of experience and we're the world's largest supplier of two-way underground communications systems. Our product is a complete turnkey system from design to test and termination.


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BWMS Featured Products:

Rajant Kinetic Mesh Network

Rajant’s Kinetic Mesh Networking technology provides ready access to multi-frequency broadband. Easily deployed, resilient, and economical, Rajant networks are proven, trusted performers in harsh environments and demanding industries where any network node can be in motion and downtime is not an option.  Read More


The Horne Group's Impact Energy Absorbtion Systems

Impact energy absorption/ deceleration technology is an area where Horne has developed considerable experience and expertise over many years. Designing systems to safely decelerate impacting objects can be demanding. Particularly so when there is any possibility of danger being posed to people’s lives. Horne has a proven track record of cost effectively engineering solutions without compromising on safety. Read More


Levelok overcomes the challenges presented by the stretch in the hoist rope when loading or offloading men and heavy equipment - or loading men, heavy equipment or ore in vertical mine shaftskips and cages. Levelok provides for the safe and rapid transfer of men, material and ore with mine conveyances used in vertical shafts. Read More