is your one source for all of your communication needs as the United States distributor for Varis Mine Technology and Becker Mining Systems. We at BWMS have over 80 years of experience and we're the world's largest supplier of two-way underground communications systems. Our product is a complete turnkey system from design to test and termination.

Our Mission
Becker Wholesale Mine Supply, originally Wholesale Mine Supply, was established in Irwin, Pennsylvania, in 2003 by founder and president Bill Hensler. He and his wife, Sue, both exposed to the mining industry for some time, found that the sector needed a company that could supply customers with the most comprehensive collection of state-of-the-art underground communications technology.

It was that commitment to the industry that brought family support to the mix, and with that there was no doubt the company that would become WMS was coming to fruition. The industry, hungry for a knowledgeable supplier of the latest communication technology, responded with a high level of support nearly from the start. Like a snowball, the company gained strength through its partnerships.

In January of 2009, Wholesale merged with Becker Mining Systems to become Becker Wholesale Mine Supply. According to Hensler, "We have kept growing with the addition of great employees and new product lines such as Varis IS-MSHA, Becker, Mine Tracer and Kenwood." BWMS now serves as distributor for the entire product line of each company.
As the largest supplier of underground communications systems in the United States, BWMS’s unwavering dedication to customer service and business relationships will keep its mission going strong for many years. The best is yet to come and, with a constant focus on upgrading products to meet industry demands, it is coming at the speed of light.