Mine-Wide Proximity Detection.....for anything that moves

Working in partnership with the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to reduce crushing and pinning type fatal accidents, the HazardAvert© is the first Proximity Detection system approved by MSHA.

Successfully tested and in operation on various types of underground equipment such as:

  •     continuous miners
  •     surface vehicles including haul trucks
  •     fork lifts and drag lines

Using a Magnetic Marker Field, HazardAvert® Systems alert miners to danger areas as they work and navigate around heavy equipment and their inherent danger zones, and with selected systems, can automatically slow or stop the machines if miners are in a position of imminent threat.

Two new technologies and numerous design features ensure high reliability and effectiveness.

- Low Frequency Ping-Echo-Burst Marker Fields allow many personnel and machines to operate together without conflict or nuisance alarms.

-Shaped Field Technology allows larger marker fields where needed, and smaller fields in places that could create nuisance alarms. Multiple system configurations allow HazardAvert© to be effective on most any machine or vehicle.

NOT ONLY are the HazardAlert® Systems tough, they are also reliable and easy to operate, promoting their use among workers. If you have equipment that moves, HazardAvert® addresses the dangers involved promote safety awareness, and to integrate seamlessly into your current safety strategies. There is no limit to the number of workers or vehicles that can be outfitted.

  •     No nuisance alarms
  •     Durable & reliable
  •     User friendly
  •     No calibration after installation
  •     Records proximity related events
  •     Every machine responds to every miner

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