Automation And Safety

Indurad develops efficient sensor solutions for applications on production machines and haulage systems. We develop our solutions individually for the mining industry, plant engineers or OEMs. We are the only supplier to manufacture, use and integrate efficient, compact and robust industrial 2D Radar sensors. Our solutions cover the areas of collision avoidance, machine positioning and 2D/3D inventory and level control.

Individual Multi Sensor Concepts

Solutions are at the center of our attention. Therefore, we also integrate laser scanners, passive RFID and infrared sensor system whenever. Our experience has shown that multi-sensor concepts of this type tend to increase the total availability of any solution and also offer additional information.

A Reliable Basis For All Solutions: Unique Radar Technology

The core of most of our solutions is our unique iDRR™ Radar Sensor technology.It has been specifically developed to answer the highly demanding requirements of the mining industry. Our sensors neither compromise on robustness nor accuracy, they are easy to install and calibrate and do not require any maintenance.Over the years, we have expanded and further developed our sensors into a multi-purpose solution family that offers real-time filling height information, creates 2D and 3D images of stockpiles, helps to position machinery with an accuracy of 5 cm, and measures the speed and volume flow of conveyor belts. All of our solutions can easily be combined to fit your specific requirements in one modular solution package.

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