Kenwood is the leading developer and manufacturer of communications equipment and cosumer electronics on a world-wide basis, selling products in 120 countries.  They are recognized by consumers and industry professionals as a brand built on innovative thinking, close attention to customer input, creative design, progressive engineering, adherence to a strong value proposition and precision manufacturing.

Kenwood radios are subjected to a variety of grueling tests to verify that they meet or exceed military grade standards for extreme temperatures, and resistance to water, dust, vibration, and impact.  Thorough quality control and procedures assure that these are products that can be entrusted with mission-critical operations.  



PDF  Kenwwood 200/300 BCL

PDF  Kenwood NX 220/230

PDF  Kenwood NX 700/800

PDF  Kenwood NXR 700/800

PDF  Kenwood NXR 710/810

PDF Kenwood TK 2360/3360

PDF Kenwood Catalog


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