Northern Light® Netport IS (Becker Wireless)

The Northern Light Digital™ Network is today’s solution for communications underground. The Northern Light Digital™ Network is a modular, robust, network infrastructure designed for underground mining.

The Northern Light Digital™ Network supports VoIP and data communications underground. Based on the Ethernet network standard/technology, the Northern Light Digital™ Network is a true Open Standards Network. This means that distinct, multiple purpose-built networks can be converged onto a single network. The Northern Light Digital™ Network can also integrate with legacy systems to protect prior technology investments.


    Enables fixed and wireless data applications
    Improves emergency coordination with modern mobile telephones
    Reduces network management costs by converging all systems onto a unified network architecture
    Reduces operational costs related to network support and maintenance


    Converged Network- voice, video and data
    Modular Network Design
    Built-in Network Redundancy
    Mine-hardened Equipment
    Open-Standard protocol
    Web-based Access

The Northern Light Digital™ Network is accessed through a series of robust Nodes. Nodes are pre-engineered and contain best-in-class manufactured products to ensure maximum value. This modular approach reduces the cost of the network by ensuring only components that are required are included, while allowing for future expansion. Nodes are rated NEMA 4X standard to prevent ingress of dust and moisture. NL Technologies offers a family of Nodes to construct a functional and cost-effective network.

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