Modern underground or open-cut mines use fiber optic transmission systems to support their underground and surface services (voice, data, SCADA, LAN and video). The water, compressed air and electrical reticulations can be monitored and controlled from the surface control room. Safety monitoring and control include detection of fire and gas alarm and seismic activity through geophones. The fiber network combines data from automation solutions with other communication services such as paging, leaky feeder radio communication systems, emergency telephony, PBXs, LANs, video surveillance, etc

Some of the major hazards of deep-level mining are pressure bursts, falls of ground and heat exhaustion, but also seismic events. Network system responses must therefore be predictable and with guaranteed low delay.

OTN is being used in several mining projects, typically for the interconnection of SCADA control units, data communication between different processes, telephone and radio communication, and the interconnection of LANs and video transmission. The OTN makes sure that all this information reaches its destination in a fast, transparent and reliable way.

Its flexibility, resilience and full redundancy with virtually no downtime make it the ideal fit for mining operations.

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