Our company is at your service with over 30 years of expert experience, our team can customize any remote control system to fit your needs.

RFHERO designs and manufactures ruggedized industrial remote controls to enhance safety, increase productivity and provide long-term reliability. The wireless remotes work anywhere there is a need for a switch or relay. Controls are available in off-the-shelf models and can also be custom-fit for plant-specific machinery.


  •     Operates most control panels or relay boards
  •     Transmitters operate on standard batteries
  •     Made in the USA with industrial grade parts
  •     A full one-year warranty on all wireless systems
  •     FREE telephone and engineering support
  •     No license necessary - already approved


  • Control traffic for worksites, checkpoints, gates, and bridges
  • Move cartons and boxes and send barcodes back, all in one step
  • Move equipment for environmental cleanup or explosives removal
  • Start/stop pumps and take meter readings at the same time from a safe distance

Custom Solutions

Many applications require special control circuits and we understand that your application may require variation from standard designs. We offer electronic design services to enhance products or to develop new systems.

Our engineering department has been involved in technologies from industrial embedded processors and radio communications to commercial audio controls. Each specific system evolved from a unique need that could not be met with off-the-shelf hardware.

PDF  The Eagle Series

PDF  Yellow Jacket Series

PDF  The Falcon

Andy Powanda

Director of Design
(724) 858-8470