The Tone Alert System (TAS)

The Tone Alert System (TAS) is a microprocessor-controlled multi-tone generator, used with all types of two-way radios and leaky feeder systems, that produces a variety of tone signals to alert workers in an area of a mine or tunnel that a very important message is forthcoming. 

Benefits & Features: 

  • Can be set up for your own different timing lengths starting at 1.4 seconds to as long as 70 seconds

  • Made to interface with any brand of radio

  • Ideal for emergency and everyday general use

  • Users can assign alerts for specified situations such as man down, evacuation, gas leak, or non-emergencies including general announcements. 

  • Easy, rapid installation at virtually any type and size of mine. 



When announcements are made on a communication device such as a two-way radio or repeater, every day conversations can become background noise to a listener—creating the potential for workers to miss a vital alert. TAS, which has been used in public safety for years, features various signal types that can be set for specific applications.

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