Rugged and dependable, Tunnel Radio products are state-of-the-art communications equipment for the mining, oil and gas industry.  All Tunnel Radio products are designed to work well on any leaky feeder radio system to provide customized coverage.  We are dedicated to helping you increase manpower efficiency, safety and productivity.

Communications Features and Benefits

  • Person to Person Wireless Communication across Digital Leaky Feeder Network
  • Surface to Offshore use
  • Simple to install and maintain
  • Automatic Gain control with Digital Diagnostics - capable of up to 30dB gain
  • Software Defined Amplifier (SDA) - remotely configurable gain and DC output, maintain peak performance, reports valuable diagnostics

Tunnel Radio’s all-digital products have every advantage over analog, including clearer transmission and more efficient bandwidth use. Whether combined compatibility with other suppliers’ components, or deployed in an all Tunnel Radio integrated solution, they’ll make those digital ones and zeroes add up to a big plus for you. 

Diagnostics and Monitoring

  • Software - Remotely display tracking data and monitor your system's performance and health via web access
  • Definable users and privilege levels, historical data easily retrieved as reports and graphs
  • Secure remote access; monitor your systems's performance anytime, anywhere
  • Map Editor provides convenient overlay of tracking locations
  • Alerts for low battery (both readers and tags)



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