Underground Communication
      and Tracking System

Product Overview
MineTrancer is an intergrates wireless communication and tracking system designed specifically for use in underground mines. Minetracer was developed tp adress the MINER Act and West Virginia Rules for communications-tracking equipment. The installed coverage area is completelly flexible -  ranging from 100% travel entry  and work area coverage to zonal coverage. In the event of an accident, the system operates on battery power continuously for all least 48 hours ater the loss of AC power in the mine. Every component of the Minetracer system has been approved by MSHA for intrinsic saftey.

Compined- Communication and Tracking
For 2-way communication, the MineTracer systems uses text messaging rather than voice allowing every miner to communicate to the surface at the same timer which is important during an emergency event. Each miner´s location an message is time-stamped and recorded in the mine office. The Text messaging Mobile Communicator (TMC) earried by every miner has a 4line LCD Display an 256 message menu -  plenty of capacity for operations and emergency messages. Costum messages are programmable for each mine. The TMC is also the tracking device. Miners are aleried to new messages via the ringer and a bright flashing LED on the TMC.

MinerTracer Network
The TMC´s repor to Wireless Acces Points (WAPs) which communicate location and message data via neighboring. WAP´s througth the network up to the mine office. Three- color LED strobes on the WAP´s are used to acknowkledge messages sent and to signal section or mine-wide conditions or evacuation. The location of each miner is displayed on a map and in tabular form on a computer in the mine office. Location data for up tp hundreds of TMCs and 28 miles of mine coverage is updated every 20 seconds providing continuos safety monitoring of miners from the mine office.

What if one or more Wireless Access Points are damaged in an accident? The MineTracer network remains largelly operational since only a portion of the systems wireless communication will be blocked. Neighboring WAP´s and networking functions remain operational. The mine office is notified immediately in the event of any WAP or network failure.


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