Becker Mining Systems RUS delivered a KPCS–95 suspended diesel hydraulic locomotive to Sherlovskaya-Naklonnaya Mine of Donugol Coal Company. The locomotive was improved by Becker specialists for required mine conditions: a possibility of power reduction to 36kW was added. The locomotive was put into operation and is successfully being used by miners in their everyday work.  

The suspended diesel hydraulic locomotive KPCS–95 is intended for transportation of people and materials in mine workings, which are gas and dust hazardous, along suspended monorails  I155, 200 и BWTU-50/100 with inclination angles of the road up to ±300.

Force exerted rating generated by one drive is 20 kN for friction version and 30 kN for rack-and-pinion version. There are 6 pulling hydraulic driving units.

In 2017, Donugol sent a technical inquiry for the delivery of KP-95 suspended haulage with the possibility of power reduction from 95kW to 36 kW. Becker specialists successfully improved this diesel hydraulic locomotive according to the customer’s request.

When developing this locomotive, special attention was paid to maintaining of functions. New software version was implemented in the haulage, which provides power reduction to 36 kW. New software provides steering of the locomotive with the use of full power (95 kW) or, after switching in the driver’s cabin with the button on the control panel, with reduced power to 36 kW.

After switching of the locomotive to steering with 36 kW power, the locomotive’s speed is limited proportionally to the power difference. The locomotive’s moves similarly to the motion in the mode of usual (unlimited) power. Pulling force and braking force do not change.

Changes implemented in KP-95 suspended haulage are in accordance with regulatory documents and requirements of Technical Regulations of the Customs Union 012/2011, which is confirmed by a Certificate of Conformity.

BMS RUS aims at delivering of as much convenient and safe equipment as possible, which is able to work efficiently in difficult natural and climatic conditions of Russian mines. For Becker, reduction of the locomotive’s power is a unique experience, and we are happy that customers trust us with their projects. In our turn, we work for the customers’ interest, are always eager to satisfy their demands and meet their requirements when it is possible.  

We are grateful to Sherlovskaya-Naklonnaya Mine and UK Donugol for their trust in Becker equipment!